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Street in Old Town

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Fiuggi is divided into two towns

he old medieval village formerly called Anticoli di Campagna, is on a hilltop 
with narrow picturesque streets and hidden restaurants offering stunning views of the thermal resort of Fiuggi Fonte in the valley.


Famous for its Fiuggi water which is bottled and sold worldwide, home to one of the most important Spa resorts in Europe, it’s a lovely, pleasant modern town which really stands out amongst all the other places in the area, unlike the old town, here you will find wide, flat streets sided by modern hotels, fashionable boutiques, supermarkets, antique shops, art galleries, ice-cream parlors, outdoor cafés, family owned restaurants.

Relax and mix with the locals in the evening, during the summer months 
Fiuggi offers a variety of festivals, concerts, and sporting events often ending in firework displays.

Many national and international VIP choose Fiuggi for their holiday retreat !

Eighteen-hole Golf course.
Sport centre, with outdoor Olympic Swimming Pool, Football Field, 
Athletic Track- Tennis courts - modern gym- 
Conference Center.

More than half the municipal territory of Fiuggi is made up of woods. 
Wide expanses of chestnut trees and oaks, with lime, pine, maple, fir and even sequoia,
 which change their colors with the seasons and keep creating new landscapes.

Fiuggi is an ideal centre for beautiful and interesting excursions.
For example Canterno lake, just outside the town.


You will need a car in order to visit the little nearby towns, olive and vine groves in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

 Unlike all of the large cities, this area is quiet, just local traffic and tourists during the summer season.