Visiting Rome

Proximity to Rome is a bonus for visitors to Fiuggi, with its higher altitude and shaded squares affording respite from the summer heat

A car is required for getting around Fiuggi, but it is far better to take the bus or train for day trips to Rome... far less worry that negotiating Rome's traffic

You will love Rome, but at the end of the day you will welcome the cleaner air and tranquillity that Fiuggi has to offer .

 Tourists and local people leave their car and  travel daily by train to work or university in the city and return in the evening, all of this area is very quiet, just local traffic and tourists during the season.

A Birg ticket price 12 Euro and is a RETURN ticket, valid for the bus/train service into Rome city centre and includes unlimited use for the whole day of Rome’s public transport, including the underground. The journey by bus or train takes an hour.

 Travelling to Rome with children.

Children under 4 years old travel free on both the train and public transport ( train/bus/metro).
Children ages 0- 10 years travel free on public transport in Rome.
Children aged 4-12 years pay half price on the train.

Visiting Museums ( State Museums only, including Pompeii)

People aged 65 and over have free entrance. A document with a photo is required,.( passport, driving licence  etc )

Children are allowed in free if their parents produce a document eg driving licence stating their place of residence in Europe.

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